Front Office

Amy Carlo, Rachel Reyes, Olivia Koch, and Joanna Kielian

Customer Service is still a key ingredient to our business, and our Customer Service
team at Profile Food Ingredients is here to provide support in a professional
and prompt manner. When you call PFI during normal business hours you will always
get a live representative, not a recording that requires a lot of button
pushing only to find that the person you are trying to reach is not available. Our
Customer Service team can be reached Mon-Fri from 8AM-5PM at our toll free
number 1-877-632-1700 or by email at We appreciate any and all inquires.


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We believe that there is more than just making the sale. PFI is about the relationship and developing partnerships. We know it is important to understand our customers’ customer.

If we cannot provide you with what you need we will connect you with someone that can.