Happy Halloween Gals and Ghouls!

Happy Halloween from your favorite food ingredient company!

Boo! Happy Halloween again from Profile Food Ingredients as we celebrate our second annual costume contest! This year the office all pitched in to host our own Halloween themed potluck party complete with dishes such dracula dentures, graveyard cake, witches brew queso, and so many more spooktacular treats!

This year’s best costume was….AMY CARLO! With her outstanding display as Flo from Progressive Insurance. We also had a co-winning team for Halloween Trivia this year…Meg Lubis and Racheal Kneebone!

Amy, Best Costume 2017

Meg and Racheal-Halloween Trivia Extraordinaires!











Till next year…can’t wait to see what we boil up next!

Seasons Creepings- Bones, Applications Technologist, CFS

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